Meet Your Camp Counsellors

Meet Christian, he is confident and caring. Christian grew up in Byron, London Ontario and hopes to travel to Australia some day. Christian loves to play sports, hang out with friends and watch TV. His favorite food is pasta and he absolutely can’t stand Tuna. If you want to annoy Christian, all you have to do is chew with your mouth wide open. Christian’s favorite color is orange and his super power is Invisibility!

Meet Brianna, she is sweet and quirky, and right off the bat, you must know she is deeply obsessed with Idina Menzel (The singer of the song “Let it go” from “Frozen”). Other than obsessing over Idina, Brianna enjoys singing, dancing and watching movies. She aspires to travel to New York City and be an actress and singer on Broadway one day. Also just in case you have forgotten Brianna loves Idina Menzel! (and does not like people who don’t like Idina Menzel). One of her super powers is actually turning into Elsa and making it snow. So the next time it snows, you know who did it!

Thalia is responsible and kind and great at healing scrapes and bruises. She was born and raised in London, Ontario and would love to travel to Nepal, Bermuda and Greece some day. Her hobbies include Photography, cycling and Painting. A wonderful fact about Thalia is she would like to build an orphanage with the Angel House Foundation before she completes University. Her dream job is to become a criminal profiler and/or an event planner. Also, if you’re one of those people that will not turn right on a red light just make sure you’re not in front of Thalia because there might be some honking!