Employment & Volunteering


To provide opportunities to foster creativity and motor skills in a nurturing environment.  To provide families and individuals with unique learning experiences and activities within a safe and clean facility supported by staff who are skilled, professional and friendly.

We have expanded our services and operating hours and we are looking for bright, energetic, enthusiastic and confident individuals to join our team.  Experience in the field of childcare and/or retail is strongly recommended but not necessary.  Part time and full time staff are required. Please click the following link to fill out our application form. Application For Employment

Volunteer Opportunities

Kidscape provides many great volunteer opportunities for highschool students who wish to complete their Mandatory Volunteer Hours. Whether helping with our classes, workshops or camps, Kidscape provides a great environment for students looking to expand their experience. If you are interested in working with children then Kidscape offers a great starting point and real world experience. To inquire about volunteer positions please contact us by phone at 519-474-7529 or email at info@kidscape.ca.

Flexible volunteer hours available all year.  Choose a day(s) or week(s) that suit your schedule.

*volunteer positions open to highschool or college students only

*police criminal activity report required.