Extraordinary Kidscaper of the Month

We’re looking for someone special.  Someone like you!  We want to celebrate you because you’re fabulous and you’ve done extraordinary things.

We will celebrate your amazingness by:

  • Featuring you on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages
  • Be a feature person in Snap’d London Community Events Paper.
  • Kidscape, Artistscape and Snap’d will let the everyone know why you’re so great.

What you get the following for being AWESOME:

  • $25 gift certificate towards any Kidscape or Artistscape workshop
  • $25 gift certificate towards any Kidscape Day Camp
  • $20 gift certificate towards a Kidscape Birthday Party
  • $20 gift certificate towards ceramic painting at Artistscape Studio
  • 2 x 2 free play passes
  • 2 x Slushie
    Valued at $132.55

What we need to know:

  • Tell us your story in no more than 1 page and use point form if you like. Don’t be modest! You’re encouraged to highlight your strengths, your accomplishments, your goals and super powers (if you’re not keeping your identity a secret). Feel free to ask an adult to help you with this.
  • Tell us why you love Kidscape or Artistscape.
  • Send us a picture of you in one of our workshops, birthday parties, Artistscape Studio painting ceramics or just plain ol’ having fun at Kidscape or Artistscape.
  • Click here to enter the contest.
  • Click here for contest rules.


  • 1st of each month
  • Extraordinary Kidscaper will be announced by 10th of each month
  • First winner will be announced September 15th


  • Children 12 and under.
  • Must be Canadian Residents and living in London and area.