Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why are socks required?

A: We do not want glass, metal or unhygienic substances brought inside where children eat and play. We want to maintain a high sanitary level to prevent and reduce chances of spreading communicable foot diseases. We sell new socks at $2/pair for your convenience. However, you do not have to purchase them from us. Winners, Walmart, Dollarama, Globo and Payless shoes are only 1 minute away.

Q: Why are strollers not allowed?

A: For the same reason we do not allow outdoor shoes.

Q: Why are outside food and drinks not allowed?

A: We want to maintain a “nut free” environment for the safety of our guests. It is mandatory to prevent external and potentially fatal allergens from being brought inside our facility.

Q: Why is food and drink not allowed in the play structure area?

A: Food and drink poses a danger for children that play in this area. Often people leave discarded items on the ground and children can injure themselves if they step on these items. As well, we put a great deal of effort in keeping our facility clean. However, we need the help of our guests to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene by not taking food and drinks into these areas.

Q: Why should infants be changed at the diaper changing station by the washrooms?

A: We want to provide the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness to our guests. To prevent unhygienic substances from being spread in our facility, we kindly request parents change their children at the diaper changing stations or in the bathrooms.

Q: Why do your prices change from time to time?

A: The prices reflect the cost of repair and replacement due to misuse, abuse and theft. As well, the prices reflect the effects of inflation and increase cost of operations. The damages are not from normal wear and tear but due to improper conduct. Unfortunately, unlike other facilities that receive public funding to offset these costs, Kidscape’s sustainability is due entirely to the patronage of our guests. However, when you compare us to other local children’s venues, you will see our prices are competitive if not lower than theirs.

Q: Why do you have “you break it you pay for it” rule in our studio?

A: The products we bring in are purchased and the cost for the items must be covered by the price of the studio fees, regardless of how it was used (or broken). Unfortunately, we are unable to return the broken pieces to the manufacturer for a refund due to accidents. Otherwise we would not charge for the broken item.

Q: Why do we need to remove our wet footwear at the door?

A: We want your feet to stay dry. If someone walks with their wet boots or shoes, they will make the floor wet in the areas they were walking or standing on. Others would walk in those exact areas with their socks resulting in wet feet. Please be kind to your fellow guests and remove your outdoor footwear at the door.

Q: Why are adults not allowed to ride on children’s cars?

A: The plasma cars we have are not meant to uphold the weight of adults and are not meant for adult use. Abuse and misuse of children’s play equipment will result in less equipment for use or prices of products and services will increase to cover the cost of constant and excessive repair and replacement of said equipment. Please help us keep costs low and for as long as possible by respecting this simple rule.

Q; Why is staff allowed to wear shoes inside Kidscape?

A: Staff is required to wear shoes inside of Kidscape because it is mandated by law to do so (Federal, Provincial and Municipal). This is based on the requirement to prevent injuries at work. The only exception is when the function of work requires staff not to wear shoes and/or socks. Our staff wears indoor shoes and have a separate pair they use and keep strictly at Kidscape.

Q: Why do parents have to stay with their children at Kidscape?

A: We have had feedback from caring individuals regarding our mandate to keep Kidscape a safe and fun place for every child. Since we are an unsupervised play centre, we are depending on parents to help their children abide by the safety policies of our facility. This means that children should only play in age appropriate areas and participate in safe play only so no children will get injured. We hope we can count on parents to help us maintain Kidscape’s high safety standards. We want to thank all parents for their continued support and endorsement of Kidscape.

Q: What is Artistscape all about?

A: No appointments necessary. Drop-in and paint ceramics, no experience required. Prices for ceramics are between $10 – $50. Studio fee for painters is $7 per day. There are two paint options available: 1) Firing and 2) Acrylic. Firing paint takes approximately 2 weeks but will be fired fully in a kiln, perfect to eat and drink from. Acrylic is great for decorative peices that you can’t wait to take home. For more information or ideas, visit our Artistscape Studio online: http://artistscapestudio.ca/