Mini Art Masters Workshop- Program 1

Program 1- Introduction to Ceramic Painting

The Mini Art Master’s workshop is a great way for children ages 6-12 to explore and grow their artistic side. This is a 4 session workshop where artists will be dropped off to paint a different ceramic piece at every session. The instructor will teach a new
painting method each day and by the end of the program the artists will have mastered 4 painting techniques, and bring home works of art which they can proudly display and even use!

Cost: $30/session +tax OR $99. for all 4 sessions +tax

Age of Participants: 6-12 years

Type of class : Instructed

Time : 4:00pm- 5:30pm

Session dates:

Session 1- June 6
Session 2- June 13
Session 3- June 20
Session 4- June 27

Program 1: Session 1– Lines and Dots

Session one is an introduction to ceramic painting where all artists will be painting a square ceramic tile. In this session they will learn to create lines and dots. They will create different lengths, thicknesses and widths of lines and dots using different colours and tools such as paintbrushes, writers and ceramic pencils. The end result will be a beautiful abstract piece which the artists can display or use as a coaster.

Program 1: Session 2– Gradient Technique

n this session the artists will be learning how to create a gradient using a sponging and blending
technique on a ceramic ornament. On one side of the ornament we will be creating a sunset scene using shades of red, yellow and orange and on the other side we will be creating a beach scene using shades of blue,white and sandy brown.

Program 1: Session 3– Stenciling

In this session the artists will be learning a stenciling technique where artists will be painting a ceramic plate. They will paint the plate with a background colour of their choice then choose a stencil based on their skill level at this point and stencil their design on their plate using a sponge.

Program 1: Session 4–  Create your own

In this session the artists will apply all of their knowledge and techniques learned through past sessions to create their own original masterpiece. They will get to choose from a
selection of ceramics and will have free range to come up with their own design.