Birthday Party Comments


Customers’ Responses

How did you like your party overall?

  • Everything ran so smoothly and we have certainly recommended you to our friends. My child had a blast and we will be back! – Melanie P
  • It was so easy! I just got to sit back and take pictures while the staff did everything! – Laura G
  • It was well worth the money, I’ll definitely be doing it again next year! – Maureen D


About our cleanliness:

  • I don’t have to worry about what my children are touching because everything is clean, you always see staff cleaning- Katie J
  • Top marks in the cleaning department! – Rebecca L


About our facility:

  • A great place to cool down on hot summer days! – Joan K.
  • The staff is very friendly, and always cleaning – Janet W.


How friendly was your Party Director?

  • High energy and kept the kids interested the whole time! ~ Cyndi D.
  • Fantastic! Couldn’t have asked for a better Party Director! ~ Faith G.
  • Great energy!  Knows how to get all the kids involved! ~ Janet T.
  • Very patient with the boys! ~ Corrine L.
  • All the kids loved him!  Wish he could do that for us every weekend! Irina M.
  • She was excellent and positive! ~ Christina W.


How well did the Party Director interact with the guests?

  • He was amazing with the kids! ~ Jodie J.
  • A super job! All the kids loved her! ~ Leslie J.
  • She got all the kids involved; even the shy ones! ~ Jennifer S.
  • Best party leader we’ve ever had! ~ Christian H.
  • Every child liked the Party Director! ~ Sandy G.
  • My son wants the Party Director as his babysitter.  We loved him! ~ Karen M.
  • She interacted with each kid and make them all feel special! ~ Helen T.


How did you enjoy the reception at arrival?

  • The reception was well organized! ~ Christina P.
  • Friendly and welcoming! ~ Rachel D.
  • Organized! ~ Becky S.
  • Friendly and excited to see the kids! ~ Leanne A.
  • Organized and friendly! ~ Kate C.
  • Welcoming and oraganized! ~ Melanie A.
  • Great! Friendly and organized! ~ Kim J.
  • Friendly and high energy!  Made the kids excited about the party as soon as they arrived! ~ Leanne H.
  • How was the party booking process?
  • The process was easy! ~ Christina P.
  • The reminder call and email reminders were great! ~ Anna L.
  • The Party Coordinator was friendly and helpful! ~ Samantha K.
  • The process was quick and simply! ~ Julie A.
  • The Party Coodinator was patient and understanding as I changed my mind on the party date several times!  ~ Rosa C.
  • Very easy! ~ Andrea L.


Was the party room clean and organized?

  •  Organized and clean! ~ Allison M.
  • Everything was all set and ready for the party! ~ Kelly K.
  • Very clean! ~ Susan E.
  • Thanks for organizing the room so I could decorate my daughter’s favourite theme! ~ Mike N.
  • Clean and ready for us! ~ Candice W.
  • Clean, organized and plenty of room for all the children and adult guests! ~ Wendy L.
  • Plenty of room to move around!  Clean and organized! ~ Natalie P.


How did you like your experience overall?

  • What a wonderful experience!  ~ Dolores J.
  • My daughter and her friends did not want to go home! ~ Jennifer & Peter A.
  • I would recommend Kidscape to anyone and everyone! Thank you for such a great party for our children! ~ Erica B.
  • I want to say what a fantastic time we had on Saturday.  Thank you for making my son’s birthday so memorable and enjoyable (and relaxing for Mum!). ~ Charlotte O.
  • Thank you for the giving us an organized and fun party! ~ Carmen L.
  • A fantastic time overall! ~ Meaghan N.
  • The birthday party was a great way to start the school year! Thanks for making it so fun for our son and his friends! ~ Shari J.
  • It was excellent and worth every penny!  Christina W.


Would you recommend us to your family and friends?

  • Yes! ~ Amy B.
  • Without hesitation! ~ Whitney S.
  • Wholeheartedly! ~ Tom A.
  • Yes! ~ Janice S.
  • It would be selfish of us not too! ~ Dana & Brad W.
  • Yes! Of course! ~ Isaac M


General Comments

  • It was so nice to bring our class to a place that is clean and easy to control the group!  ~ Sarah B.
  • The children loved it here! ! ~ Wendy R.
  • It’s always wonderful! ~ Cissy S.
  • Always fantastic! ~ Janine C.
  • Very satisfied! ~ Joanne A.
  • Good service and good prices! ~ Lauren M.
  • So clean! ~ Cameron W.
  • Thank you for giving London another children’s venue and therefore another option! ~ Keri J.
  • Keep on doing what you are doing! We love your facility! ~ Hanna D.
  • Thank you for making a clean environment! ~ John M.
  • The best children’s centre around! ~ Cheryl D.
  • Thanks for having an adult lounge! ~ Crystal B.
  • We like the free games tables! ~ Lisa R.
  • Definitely having our children’s birthday parties here! The staff is friendly and the place is so clean! ~ Krystin S.
  • How come you guys are so clean and other places are not?  It must be the sock only environment and the constant cleaning.  Whatever it is, keep on doing what your are doing! ~ Alex M.
  • It was a great time here – it was also our first time.  We will definitely be back to play again! ~ Shausta J.
  • Kids had a great time! ~ Catherine V.
  • Cafe staff was very nice and polite!  ~ Katherine P.
  • Very cool place!  The kids love it! ~ Ashley M.
  • We will be back for sure!  Thanks again! ~ Colleen R.
  • A very good establishment for the children. ~ Krista G.
  • I appreciate the time and effort put in by your staff – the room was excellent – fruit/drinks – super and everyone was helpful and friendly. ~ Kara B.