Art Attack and EmpowHER

Location: Hyde Park, Kidscape, 1828 Blue Heron Dr. N6H 0B7 

Cost: $80 for all 6 sessions or $15/ session, payable at Kidscape on the day of the program.

Art Attack

When: January 9th- February 13th, every Thursday for 6 weeks

Children ages 8-13 yrs

At 6:30-7:30pm


In these art sessions – ideal for both children and teenagers - students will learn how to use lines, shapes, colours, textures and patterns as a means to tap into their own sense of creativity, and to express themselves in genuinely authentic ways.

Students will learn how to use a variety of mediums such as acrylic paint, water colour paint, ink, tissue paper, construction paper, pastel and graphite to explore representational and abstract image making. 










Session 1 – Warm and Cool Colour Landscapes


Students will learn how to mix and blend warm and cool tones of acrylic paint. They will also learn how to create a composition based on principles of balance and symmetry. Additionally, students will learn how to draw trees and other natural forms.







Session 2 – The Secret of 3D Illusion


Students will learn how to create the illusion of three dimensional space on a two dimensional surface. By learning the secret of linear perspective, students will create a colourful abstract picture that will dazzle anyone who looks at it. They will also learn how to create a composition based on principles of movement and asymmetry.















Session 3 – Pop Art High Five




Students will learn about one of the most popular art forms of the twentieth century. Using a 'handy' printmaking process, students will use composition principles of pattern and colour placement to create a fun picture that will enliven any space













Session 4 – Street Art Wildlife

Students will learn about the New York street artist Serrano and create a stylish wild life painting with bold lines and bright colours. Additionally, students will learn how to draw animal details such as eyes, feathers, scales, and fur.











Session 5 – Colour Field Tissue Painting

Students will use coloured tissue to create an abstract picture based on compositional principles of translucency, opacity and texture. In doing so, students will also learn how the process of layering can create depth and colour gradation in both complex, simple and spontaneous variations.















Session 6 – Artistic Portraits


Students will learn how to draw and paint stylish front and side portraits. In doing so students will learns how to draw facial features such as eyes, lips and the nose. Additionally students will be encouraged to use ink, pastel, water colour and acrylic paint to add a creative flare to their portraits.

Taught by: Jeremy


When: January 23rd- February 27th, every Thursday for 6 weeks

At 5:30-6:30pm

Females ages 10-13 yrs


This program is all about giving girls a chance to develop new skills, identify new passions and empower them to be unstoppable and believe in their abilities. It will be taught by positive female leaders with guest speakers who are experts in their fields. Each class will consist of a new, exciting and informative topic dedicated to helping females gain confidence and make new friends. We will touch on skin care, fitness and healthy choice making, mindfulness and explore empowering messages through forms such as art and vidoegraphy. 

Taught by: Celia, Nicole and other special guests

Little Explorers

As part of our everday $7 drop in program we are now introducing a toddler program for those ages 1-4 years.  Held on Monday's and Wednesday's in January! Join us anytime between 10am-12pm for crafts and games! Every day is a new theme!

Monday-Wednesday- 10am-4pm
Thursday and Friday 10am-7pm 
Saturday and Sunday  10am-5pm

Hours are subject to change to accommodate private parties, camps, events or statutory holidays. Please check the top of our home page for up to date information.

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1828 Blue Heron Dr., London, ON N6H 0B7