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Jeremy Jeresky is an arts educator who specializes in projects that entertain, enlighten and build community. In this regard he utilizes a diverse array of art forms and imaginative methods to not only meet people where they are, but to enable the possibility of creative exploration and risk. Jeremy comes from Calgary Alberta, where he received a BFA in painting. He subsequently obtained a Masters of Fine Art from the University of Western Ontario. He held the Friday Night Art classes previously at Kidscape and the Cartooning Summer Life Skills Academy Sessions.


Nicole is an award winning filmmaker and graduate from Fanshawe College's  Advanced Filmmaking program (2016). She has worked in a variety of areas in the industry from; being a camera operator for reality TV, producing a short documentary picked up by the DailyMail, Inside Edition and other global media outlets, to directing educational videos for Ontario Elementary Schools. 

In 2018 she founded North Cut Studio - a London Ontario based video production company that helps to create; music videos, video outreach for non-profits, small business commercials and short documentaries.  


Miss Lindsay was a competitive gymnast and dancer. She has trained and taught in jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical and acrobatics. She participated in numerous conventions, competitions, and performed with the Young Canadians at the Calgary Stampede. She also was a member of the O2 Dance Company in Calgary. Miss Lindsay has completed a Masters of Social Work and has experience with children with disabilities, families and individuals with mental concerns, as well as administrative and policy leadership. Miss Lindsay is looking forward to continuing to share her love and passion for dance.


Daphne has extensive programming experience and has worked in youth programs and camps for the past 7 years. She has taught multiple cooking classes for children including Kids Food Nation and the Boys and Girls Club's Cooking Camp. She was a competitive athlete, playing field hockey, volleyball, soccer, badminton and hockey. She holds a business degree from Western University and is also a master slime maker, you can often find her at Kidscape making it!


Laura is currently a student at Western University and is planning to be a teacher "when she grows up". She loves to work with toddlers and facilitated Kidscape's Parent and Tot program throughout the summer. Laura also works at Kidscape as a Birthday Party Host and Front Desk Receptionist. She is creative and imaginative and excited to boogie. 


Martina grew up loving gymnastics and being an enthusiastic athlete. She continued this love for the sport in her teaching practices, having over 15 years of it. She has taught in the states for recreational and competitive programs and currently continues to coach in Canada. She is young in spirit and continues to do the same tricks that she did when she was a child. Never give up, find your passion! 


Jaime Burnham has spent the last 15 years working with young children teaching private yoga classes, running summer camps and providing providing quality programming for elementary schools. Jaime holds both her Adult Yoga Teacher Training and Children’s Yoga Teacher Training certificates and is a member of Yoga Alliance.  Jaime has a degree in psychology and sociology with a focus on children and family.  She also has a background in sports media, nutrition and wellness.  As a mother of four, Jaime knows the importance of yoga in our busy lives and has been practicing herself for the past 20 years. You can often find her in her yoga studio, The Happy Lotus!


Celia is a (beginner) bird nerd. On any given afternoon you can find her sitting in her backyard, with binoculars, attempting to identify the birds fluttering about. Besides scanning the sky for birds, she enjoys hiking, swimming, paddling, and generally being outside. She has worked with kids and youth, in both camp and educational settings, for the past 6 years. Her goal is to become a teacher and make a lifelong career inspiring future generations!        


Owner of AK Arts Academy, a performing arts studio specializing in music dance and drama lessons, courses and workshops, Alexandra is a well rounded and experienced performing artist and instructor. She’s directed and produced several plays and musicals, including her own 2 Christian based musicals What He Did and He is Born. Upcoming, she is the musical director for The Little Mermaid at Palace Theatre, directing and producing Shelter, a tv series for kids, and performing locally at the Aeolian October 6th!


I grew up in an era when every home had a sewing machine. I started taking formal sewing lessons at the age of 12 when my class was bused to Virgil Public School for a half day every week for Home Ec classes. High school sewing classes were my favourite and instilled in me a love of sewing. After high school I enrolled in the Home Economics  program at Ryerson. I have taught sewing at high school, adult night school and done sewing machine demos. My sewing experience includes dressmaking, bridal wear, home dec projects, children’s wear, toys, and lots and lots of mending.


Cora loves baking, crafting, and sewing. I also love animals - pigs are her favourite! Her favourite song to dance to is Burnin' Up by the Jonas Brothers. Cora currently works for the Boys and Girls Club of London and has been working with youth of all ages for years and hopes to continue to do so throughout her career.

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